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Monday, March 30, 2009

How to remove viruses for free.

There is couple of different ways for about doing this. One of the first ways is if you already know what the virus is, if somehow you scanned for virus and you know that you have a certain virus on your computer, and you got the name of for instance, tojan virus one, then you are going to search either on a major search engine or on a virsus software website such as Norton, you can search for that virus name and most of those virus sites, will have a software patch that you can put on your computer to eliminate that particular virus. If you are not sure what the virus is, then you need to scan your computer too. Then the best thing you need to do is go to a site like semantics who has a free Norton internet security sweeper that sweeps your computer and scan and try to remove viruses. If the virus isn't deletable or cleanable then it is a very serious problem and should be taken somewhere immediately. But for most viruses, this will allow you to get online and scan your computer and remove those viruses for free.


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