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Monday, February 2, 2009

How to install the "motherboard"!!

Ok, we are back and we are ready to continue to build our computer. Our next step is to install the motherboard. This is what one looks like.

and the items that it came with are these...

We are first going to grab the I/O shield

and replace it with the existing one found in the computer

The reason for the swap is because when we install the motherboard, the back part as shown here

will match nicely with the new plate. See... nice and snug like a bug in a rug!

Now to install the Motherboard. Be carful when handling the board not to bang it or any of the components on it, into anything. Handle the board by the edges. Now, installing the motherboard is not the hard part it is the procedure because you DO NOT want to damage it in anyway. My hubby helped me along with this step. So, lets proceed...

We first need to orient the motherboard in position and then locate all its mounting holes. On this motherboard, we found six holes. So before we place the motherboard in the case, we screw in 6 (six) risers at the exact locations we found the holes.

Place the motherboard within the case by positioning it into its I/O shield.

We will then place the motherboard (carefully) onto the risers with thier corresponding mounting holes on the case. Then, secure the motherboard in place with screws. Be very careful, remember!! The reason being, well if the board is not supported properly, the chance of damage later on is very real.

Note: It will be easier to first screw at far end location as this is the toughest to do.

After all is screwed on, double check and make sure you screwed in ALL screws in their exact locations! Even check under the motherboard for loose screws or other hardware; you definitely do not want these left inside the case!


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