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Monday, February 2, 2009

How to build a computer

What! Am I actually going to talk about how to build a computer?? Yes I am! Little itty bitty me is going to go through step by step on building a computer. My husband, Mr. Computer Geek, helped me build my own computer. I took lots of pictures to share and prove that I actually did this myself! So, here it goes... Lets start out by unveiling the box! Now, the first thing we need to do is open up your computer box. We first remove the front face by pulling from the bottom up and then remove the left side cover. Like so...

ok, so here is what it looks like inside a new computer... nothing in here just an open space. So clean and pretty... for now.

We are soon going to start filling it in with lots of goodies to make our computer do what we want it to do!! Here is our goodies we purchased. Now, you might want to consult with an expert to figure out what you want your computer to do and then make your purchases. This could get pretty expensive depending on what you are using it for. Example, for playing games, for personal use, for business for what ever reason, research this part. ok, moving on....

So first, I lay the computer on its side so it is easier to install everything. The first thing we want to install is the CD(DVD)-ROM. What is that you may ask.. well i took a picture of it here...

And that is going here.

But before we slide it in here, we first have to put screws in. Like this...

My directions says to secure each drive with 4 alumimum round head screws (zinc blue)at this specific location. I don't know if this is the same with all other computers or just this model. I don't know, I could google it and find out or just ask Mr. Computer Geek, I'd rather do the latter. Anyhoo, after the screws are screwed tightly, slide the drive in until it locks into drive cage. Note: Now you have to really push this thing in all the way until you hear a clicking sound. I thought it was in all the way, but my husband said it wasn't so I just tried harder and voila!

Ok now!! we did it, we have installed the CD ROM! If you have a Floppy Drive to install then it is the same steps but it is located underneath the CD ROM. Just remember to put the screws in first than slide until you hear it click. All Done! Lets celebrate with some munchies and drinks and we'll come back to installed the rest.


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